The Bus at Chaucer Way

On Fridays, from 10 am to 1.30 pm our Blue Bus is parked in near the shops Congreve Gardens on the Chaucer Way estate.

There local people can join us enjoy home made cake plus tea or coffee, all free of charge. It provides a space for the community to meet together to make friends, to chat and to support one another.

All are welcome and our customers are currently of all ages.

We also run a termly Sunday Bus Stop service, on the Bus, with songs and a talk.

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The A38 runs through the middle of Pennycross parish, effectively cutting it in two with the St Pancras Church Centre being on one side and divided from the other by this barrier (which is both psychological and physical) for those on the Chaucer Way side of the road. The Bus provides a presence for the church on the Chaucer Way estate.