Welcome to St Pancras

A warm welcome to St. Pancras Church, Pennycross, and an open invitation to join us for our services. We are a family church of all ages. 

Our aim is to help everyone in the discovery of God's love and blessing, through faith in Jesus Christ. We hope you find the information on this website useful. If you do have any questions do give us a call or pop in to one of the events or Sunday services listed on the site. If you're new or unsure about church, please know that you will find a warm welcome and a chance to explore Christian faith together.  Do join us for our Easter Services 2019.

For details of our children's activities see Families at St. Pancras and for our children's safeguarding policy go to Safeguarding Children

What is Christianity All About?

Christianity means a lot of things to different people but, at its heart, Christianity is about one man, Jesus Christ.  One way to help you to discover what this means is to attend one of our courses where we can look at questions you may have.

I'd Like A Visit

If you would like a face-to-face chat with the Vicar, one of the staff or a member of the pastoral team at St. Pancras, we'd love to come and see you in your home or at another convenient location.

Can I come to a social event?

A great way to get to know people at St. Pancras is to come along to one of our many social events. Some events are intended for specific groups of people, some are open to all, but you will find a warm welcome whichever event you come along to.