What's Important?

St. Pancras Church is a group of people who love Jesus and seek to follow Him. We long to see those around us transformed as they see Jesus in our life and worship and encounter him for themselves. We are an evangelical church which is part of the Church of England. 

Within this foundation, we have five priorities which help us stay focused as we run a wide range of activities:

#1 Teaching the Bible

We believe that God has revealed Himself through what He has made, through the law and prophets of the Old Testament and ultimately through the Lord Jesus Christ.

God continues to speak today as His Holy Spirit applies the Bible to our lives. That's why relevant Bible teaching can be found at the heart of our lives together.

#2 Growing in Prayer

We pray when we recognise that God's activity is more effective that our own. 

When we understand this we will not only take time to pray, we will also find that we desire to pray more and more. 

At. St. Pancras, our times of prayer together are just the tip of the iceberg as we seek to sustain and develop a living relationship with Jesus. 

#3 Deepening Faith

Like any relationship, our faith in God needs to keep growing. At St. Pancras we keep growing together by running:

  • Weekly small group Bible studies.
  • Regular courses for 'seekers'.
  • Parenting and Marriage courses.
  • Groups for young disciples.
  • And by supporting local training schemes for leaders and teachers. 

#4 Being a Focus for the Community

As a church, we seek to serve those who live in our parish as we:

  • Live our church family life so it can be seen by others.
  • Use our activities and facilities to create community where none exists.
  • Demonstrate Jesus' love for people through our care and service.   

#5 Keeping Variety in our Worship

When God calls us into His family, he calls us to be united while retaining our individual tastes and preferences. 

Meeting together at 10:30 on Sundays is an expression of our unity as the body of Christ. We also meet for more traditional and contemporary services on a regular basis.